CONSULTING SERVICES: I specialize in supporting creative businesses, artisans and artists.

  • Businesses, artisans and artists that wish to establish themselves in local art festivals, markets and shows

  • Portfolio review

  • Social media review

What My Clients Are Saying!

“Meeting with Susie about my creative small business was inspiring and motivating. It was obvious that she researched my online and social media presence by the thorough feedback we discussed, and she also provided notes I could take with me. The feedback and suggestions she made were very helpful, and I was able to implement some ideas immediately. I highly recommend a consultation with her!” -A.S.

"Spending time with Susie gave me the encouragement I needed to go into my first art market with confidence. She was organized & thorough in answering my questions & concerns; giving me tips from creating a cohesive look across social media platforms, keeping track of inventory & setting-up, to wearing comfy shoes and bringing snacks. I highly recommend Susie’s Consultation Services for anyone wanting to grow their creative business! Thanks, Susie!"  -T. P-Tan

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